March 2020


Cairo, Egypt


75 Delegates


25 Distinguished Speakers

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Dr. Esmat Kamel

Executive Director - Global Trade Matters

Mr. Ashraf Mohamed Naguib

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer - Global Trade Matters

HE Ambassador Laura Kansikas-Debraise

Ambassador of Finland to Egypt

Mr. Walid Abdel-Rehim

Deputy Director - Cairo Office - German Development Bank (KfW)

Ms. Nancy Maghrabi

Chairwoman - Global Trade Matters

Dr. Ehab Shalaby

Chairman - DCarbon

Dr Ahmed Belal

The economic expert and the founder of Dcarbon

Ms. Sarah El Battouty

Chairman Founder - ECOnsult Architecture

Dr Hesham Eissa

Environmental & climate change Expert | Co-Founder of DCarbon

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ABOUT THE EVENT Dialogue on Climate Neutrality VISION 2050

Dear Global Trade Matters Members,

Welcome to a new year, a new decade and a new era of hope, aspirations, ambitions, change and action. An era of meeting old targets, and setting new ones for a better future, an era of compulsory cooperation between humanity where global interests must supersede national and even self-interests.

Welcome to the “Global Trade Matters International Dialogue on Climate Neutrality II” themed “The Role of the Private Sector in Climate Action” to be held on Monday March 16th 2020.

This will mark the second meeting of the Global Trade Matters international Dialogue on Climate Neutrality as we keep the dialogue on climate change, action, and mitigation going and growing by engaging key stake holders in addressing the ever growing climate challenges and seeking out new economic opportunities which may further fuel the quest for a climate neutral global community.

There is no doubt that climate change has moved from the sidelines to today being recognized as one of world’s most serious development challenges. And while the international community is still far from achieving the global commitments needed to avoid potentially dangerous and even catastrophic climate impacts, much has been accomplished.

Yet no matter what governments do to counter the rising threat of climate change, most of the investments, innovations and actions needed to stabilize the world’s climate must come from the private sector especially that climate change is already having significant impacts on economic activity and global value chains.

As international research suggests, companies that embed strong sustainability practices significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term, hence private-sector enthusiasm towards climate action has been strong and growing, yet translating interest into real action across markets has remained to prove challenging.

The “Global Trade Matters International Dialogue on Climate Neutrality II – The Role of the Private Sector in Climate Action” will bring together private sector stake holders, sustainability experts and policy makers to continue the dialogue on the role of the private sector in climate action and discuss climate change impacts on private sector incentives, activities, supply chains, human capital, markets and bottom lines.


Best Regards,

Ashraf Mohamed Naguib
Chief Executive Officer
Global Trade Matters



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Registration – Morning Networking

Ms, Nancy Maghrabi


Ms. Nancy Maghrabi / Chairwoman – Global Trade Matters
To Be Announced

Keynote Remarks

To Be Announced

Keynote Remarks

Moderator: Ashraf M. Naguib

A Global Perspective on the Role of the Private Sector in Climate Neutrality

This open discussion panel will host a group of distinguished Ambassadors from across the world to share their thoughts on the role of the private sector in achieving carbon neutrality in accordance with global targets. Speakers will also highlight their respective governments’ policies, strategies, laws, and regulations which may encourage and or compel private sector engagement and involvement in climate change adaptation. Speakers will also highlight successful models of policy implementation in addition to showcasing notable public private partnerships projects aimed at reducing emissions and achieving climate neutrality.
Moderator: Ashraf M. Naguib

Private Sector Climate Change Mitigation and Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility

This session will host a group of distinguished leaders and experts for the private sector representing a diverse number of industries and sectors to discuss the importance of private sector climate change mitigation and environmental social responsibility. The session will discuss private sector companies mitigation strategies and investments and how such strategies are expected to impact their own economic interests, their clients’ interests and the interests of the communities in which they operate in. The session will also discuss some of the primary motivations for the private sector to integrate climate mitigation and Sustainable Development Goals action into their businesses models and strategies.
Networking Break

Networking Break

Take this opportunity to Network with and share your business ideas with fellow delegates and participating speakers

Dr. Esmat Kamel - Executive Director – Global Trade Matters

Trade or Tax – The Business of Carbon Pricing

This session will bring together a distinguished group of experts to discuss and debate the pros and cons of two existing major market-based options, namely carbon trading over its rival, carbon tax as the most efficient and practical method to regulate Green House Gas emissions. The session will also discuss cap-and-trade schemes, carbon credits and allowable emissions caps. Speakers will share their thoughts and ideas on the possibility of establishing a national carbon or climate exchange and the development of carbon financial instruments to enable and facilitate Carbon trading. Speakers will touch upon requirements for fashioning carbon markets and devising national carbon legislation.

Ms. Nada Sherdy - Senior Executive – Global Trade Matters

Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Financial Sector

This Session will host a group of distinguished leaders from the financial sector to discuss the current and expected climate change disruptions to their industry and clients. The session will also explore how financial sector companies are managing and adapting to the impact of climate change on their owned assets and operations, investment portfolio exposure, and investors’ and public confidence. Speakers will exchange thoughts on the impact of climate change on employee productivity and business reliability. Speakers will also share their thoughts on general and sector specific investment opportunities aimed at sustainable development and carbon reduction.


Cairo Marriott Hotel

16 Saray El, Gezira St, Cairo Governorate 11211

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